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About Cane Holder

cane-holder t was established in 2011 by two entrepreneurs, Amir Assif and Ofer Zusman.
The founders created the company and running it under these principles:
1. Developing simple and creative solutions for handicaps that assist them on their day to day routine.
2. Sustainable business practices – all of our business procedures, including manufacturing, are environment friendly.
3. Providing the equal right for all of our suppliers and employees to share our success. Ofer Zusman started developing new ideas for handicaps products after he recovered from a tragic car accident.
Ofer had to learn from scratch how to run simple errands under his new disability.
That need encouraged him to find new solutions which helped him manage his new situation. The cooperation with Amir Assif became fruitful and they created the first out of many new solutions - they created Clipson.
Clipson is a worldwide best seller accessory that is clipped to a walking cane and assists his owner to free his hands whenever needed. Our mission is to make the day to day activities for walking cane users much better, by freeing their hands and putting a smile on their faces.

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