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How do I make my payment?

We accept all types of credit or debit cards. You can also pay through PayPal.

Are there any hidden charges(any tax) when I make a payment?

No, there are no hidden charges. Once the payment is made it is full and final. Also there are shipping charges on orders less than $50 which gets included in your final payment.

Which credit/debit cards are accepted?

We accept all kinds of credit/debit card. After entering your details you will be redirected to your bank’s secure page for entering your secure password provided by your bank.

What is a Secure password?

The secure passwords are generated by you and it is known only to you. It has been done in order to ensure an additional security when you make an online payment.

What should I do to return or replace an order?

If you want to return or replace an item then e-mail us at

What should I do when I did not receive my order??

If the buyer doesn’t receive the order then he/she can send me mail

What is the estimated delivery time?

Orders may take up to 1-2 full business days to be processed, picked and packed before it is shipped. PLEASE ALLOW 7 TO 21 BUSINESS DAYS FOR YOUR ORDER TO ARRIVE.

How to track your order?

A shipping confirmation with your tracking id will be sent to you after the product has been dispatched. You can use that tracking id to track your order by going on our website and clicking on “track your order’. This will tell you the approximate delivery time of your order that you have placed.


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